Event Summary

Customers deserve excellent service, and this should be an absolute priority for staff. However, there are times where a customer’s expectations and behaviour and can take a toll on staff and create a backlog. By handling difficult situations effectively, escalation rates are reduced, and resources are freed to ensure business continuity.

This interactive course will explore challenging scenarios and creative approaches to transform conflict into co-operative interactions.

You will practise your communication skills in a variety of situations, and learn how to respond in-person, online and by telephone to achieve positive outcomes.

Share and discuss your most challenging issues with our expert trainer. Develop an action plan to support your staff, protect your organisation’s reputation and improve relationships with customers.

Key Points

  • Managing expectations and meeting customer needs
  • Supporting staff wellbeing and resilience
  • Improve your communication skills to respond effectively to conflict situations
  • Applying these skills to written response letters and public apologies
  • Learn how to respond to complaints via social media, telephone and in-person
  • Responding to abuse, harassment and threats
  • Review your organisational policies and hear approaches for working co-operatively with customers
  • Develop an action plan to support staff in their responses