Event Summary

Attend our one-day Handling Difficult Customers Online Training to learn how to approach conflict and build co-operative relationships with customers who are often considered to be ‘difficult’.

Take away practical tools and techniques to support conflict resolution. Upskill your team to respond to difficult interactions more effectively.

At this highly interactive online training course, you will practice your communication skills in a variety of situations, and learn how to adapt and respond in-person, online and by telephone. Discuss practice for writing letters and apologies.

You will learn how to adopt creativity supporting approaches – encourage customers to work alongside staff towards collaborative resolutions and reduce the likelihood that staff and customers feel that they are working against each other.

Take away useful insights from real-life examples of mediation and conflict coaching. Share and discuss your most challenging issues with the expert trainer. Develop an action plan to support your staff, protect your organisation’s reputation and improve relationships with customers.

Key Points

  • Exploration of what is meant by the term ‘difficult customer’
  • Improve your communication skills to respond effectively to conflict situations
  • Learn skills drawn from mediation and conflict resolution practice
  • Exploration of how these skills apply to writing response letters and public apologies
  • Learn how to adapt your approach for social media, telephone and in-person complaints
  • Responding to abuse, harassment and threats
  • Review your organisational policies and hear approaches for working co-operatively with customers