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Event Summary

The UK Government is working towards the creation of 2 million green jobs by 2030, enabling a greener economic recovery and achieving net zero by 2050. Are we ready to create and deliver green jobs?

Join Westminster Insight’s Green Jobs and Apprenticeships Digital Conference to hear from the Chairs of the Green Jobs Taskforce and Green Apprenticeships Advisory Panel for BEIS.

What is the long-term strategy to develop good quality green jobs and offer support to transitioning industries? Explore what we mean by green jobs and why all jobs have the potential to be ‘green’.

Hear the latest guidance, solutions and ideas for creating green jobs in your organisation from industry, government and education. Find out how to access funding for green job initiatives, apprenticeships and training.

Learn from international leaders Denmark’s State of Green on how to successfully develop a green workforce and offer education solutions. At this crucial time in our Green Revolution, network with industry leaders find out how you can support an effective transition towards a greener workforce and a more sustainable economic future.

Key Points

  • Updates from the Chairs of the Green Jobs Taskforce and Green Apprenticeships Advisory Panel
  • Hear about the Government’s plans to create 2 million green jobs by 2030 and available funding
  • Learn from industry leaders on how the transition to net zero will impact the UK labour market
  • Discuss solutions for recruitment and retention in a zero-carbon future
  • Understand how government, public and private sectors can work together to achieve a green jobs market
  • Network with colleagues and discuss ways to bridge the skills gap through green jobs and apprenticeships