Event Summary

The Schools Bill marks a seed change in education, with an integral aim for all schools to become academies within MATs by 2030. Join Westminster Insight’s timely conference, as we examine the implications for all schools.

The Government’s implementation plan focusses first on the 55 Education Investment Areas (EIAs), with a strategy to be published for each by early autumn. Existing trusts, faith bodies and school groups can submit proposals, in response to the MATs plans. Additionally, it is intended that local authorities (LAs) can request schools to join trusts.

This strategy has far-reaching implications. What if you don’t want to convert? If you’re a maintained school, how do you convert? If you’re a SAT, how do you join, or merge with, a MAT? How do you expand within a MAT? If you’re a special school, PRU, or alternative provider, what’s the process? We look at the issues, approaches, and opportunities.

The Government’s conversion policy accompanies new measures for existing trusts, with a new ‘trust strength’ definition. This champions high quality, inclusive education, school improvement, strategic governance, financial management, and workforce. The DfE plans a review to consider intervention powers if academies don’t meet these standards.

Accountability is spotlighted, with new regional directors overseeing trust expansion and intervention, academy governance, support for SEND pupils, safeguarding, and complaints. Funding regulation will also be monitored.

There is much to discuss and understand. Join us, and gain invaluable knowledge, to help you prepare for the new academies landscape.

Key Points

  • You’ll gain in-depth understanding of the Schools’ Bill, focussing on maintained schools, SATs, and MATs, including conversion, mergers, and growth. You’ll hear about the Government’s idea for MATs to serve at least ten schools and 7,500 pupils.
  • Hear first-hand experiences from schools who’ve converted from maintained schools, and valuable insights from schools who’ve successfully merged.
  • Learn from thriving MATs, how to manage taking on new schools, how you have impact on each school, and how to reap the benefits of being part of a bigger entity.
  • You’ll hear expert views on how LAs can bid to run multi-academy trusts.
  • Understand the new measures for existing trusts, around regulation and accountability, ensuring your trust fulfils the ‘trust strength’ criteria.
  • Learn, from best practice examples, how to achieve and maintain strong leadership and good governance. Hear about the plans for increasing trustees.
  • We’ll help ensure you’re ready for changes to trust management, like: the review of trust accountability, including inspections.
  • You’ll learn about the new statutory framework for academy admissions.
  • Hear about the collaboration duty for trusts to work constructively together and with key stakeholders.
  • Learn valuable lessons, through panel sessions, case-studies and interactive sessions, about income generation for SATs and MATs.