Event Summary

As the Government announced the new Strategy for Countering Terrorism 2023, tackling the evolving and unrelenting threat is an everyday challenge. The latest updates to CONTEST aims to ensure the UK is prepared and evolves alongside the different kinds of extremism we face.

Join Westminster Insight’s CONTEST 2023Tackling Terrorism, Extremism & Strengthening Security Conference to deepen your understanding of how the newest updates to CONTEST, the Government’s Counter Terrorism strategy, will be implemented in real life.

Learn more about prevention including changes to the Prevent strategy, updates on Martyn’s Law and strengthening our defences against terrorist attacks under Protect and Prepare. Our interactive panel will cover how to detect, investigate and disrupt extremism, aligning with aims of CONTEST including Pursue.

With the Protection of Premises Bill (Martyn’s Law) moving through Parliament, changes for venues and attractions which hold over 100 people are coming. By attending this conference, you will gain insight on what you can do to combat extremism and prepare for Martyn’s Law.

Hear Emily Winterbotham from the Royal United Services Institute discuss how the nature of extremism is changing, and discuss new developments in counter-terrorism policy and intelligence.

Learn how to proactively implement the Protection of Premises Bill (Martyn’s Law) into public safety practices, following the Manchester Arena Bombing in 2017.

Nick Aldworth, former Head of National Counter Terrorism Policing Coordination will discuss Martyn’s Law, its implementation and upcoming changes.

Improve your understanding of de-radicalisation; how it differs from disengagement and prevention; and how different strategies should be employed when we talk about combating extremism. We will hear examples of Prevent being implemented successfully.

We will focus on the challenges with the Prevent Strategy. Hear insights from William Shawcross’s Independent Review of Prevent, the recommendations made by his report and how Prevent can better respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism.

The themes of extremism, radicalisation and deradicalisation will come together with Ivan Humble discussing his journey into and out of white supremacist extremism.

Join our conference to network and connect with colleagues, learn from experts and discover how your organisation can get involved in the effort to tackle extremism, drive de-radicalisation, prevent terrorism and maintain security.

Key Points

  • Implementing Martyn’s Law and understanding the upcoming security and legislative changes
  • How social media has changed the process of radicalisation
  • Understanding the changing nature or extremism and modern counter-terrorist strategies
  • The differences between deradicalisation, disengagement and prevention, and how to use each strategy
  • Transforming the Prevent strategy to ensure it works for modern extremism
  • Understanding how methods of recruitment differ for different types of extremism