Event Summary

The pandemic has ushered in a dramatic, unexpected, and ongoing shift in our working environments, throughout the UK. Working from home and hybrid working have become the norm. Leaders and Managers, however, have no precedent as to how best to operate in this new world.

  • How can you identify, interview, and induct new staff?
  • How can you manage and lead your team effectively?
  • How can you inspire and motivate people from afar?
  • And how do you ensure your team is productive, happy, and developing in positive ways?

Many of these challenges are unprecedented: they are all against the backdrop of continuing uncertainty. It’s critical to learn how to deal with them, for the success of your team, your organisation, and to enhance your own effective leadership and management style.

Our Effective Remote Leadership and Management Online Training will help you succeed in your new remote working environment. It will provide you with practical tools to review and improve your management skills.


Key Points

  • Learn invaluable techniques for successful recruitment
  • Discover practical processes, systems, and online tools for effective remote and/or hybrid management
  • Gain insights and expert advice on how to induct, train, and develop staff, to create a motivated, efficient, and rewarding environment
  • Take away effective tools on how to monitor staff performance and productivity
  • Be equipped with knowledge and insights into the power of clear communication: creating a sense of shared purpose, belonging, and commitment
  • Gain tips on how to monitor and manage the mental health and wellbeing of staff, and identify early signs of disengagement