Event Summary

With a new Social Housing Regulation Act  that will raise standards and empower tenants, and the Complaint Handling Code becoming statutory, the culture change around complaint handling and resident services will now involve greater scrutiny, accountability and compliance.

Join Westminster Insight’s annual Complaint Handling in Housing Conference for expert guidance on how to handle increasing complaints and navigate a changing landscape. Gain tools to ensure your organisation can embrace a positive approach to complaints. Learn how to empower your staff and improve communication across every level and team.

You will hear from the Housing Ombudsman, housing providers, local authorities and experts in the sector who will share their experiences and strategies to resolve complaints promptly. Sessions will include lessons learned from good and bad practices on repairs, building safety, ASB and more.

With more complex cases and a tenfold increase in severe maladministration findings, the Ombudsman is ordering more remedies to put things right – from repairs to formal apologies – alongside significant compensation awards. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear lessons from maladministration findings, and discuss what more could have been done?

Adopt innovative insight and analysis tools that identify trends so you can get things right first time. Share your challenges and hear how providers are managing an increased level of complaints compounded with the pressures of rising costs and increased scrutiny.

* Housing Ombudsman Business Plan 2023-24

Key points

  • Key steps to embrace a positive culture around complaint handling
  • Meeting the Ombudsman’s expectations on record keeping, responses and remediation
  • Embedding learnings and communicating with transparency to strengthen trust and reputation
  • Supporting staff and residents throughout the cost-of-living crisis
  • Spotlight sessions on ASB, remediation, and fire safety
  • Guidance on how to draft apologies and when to offer compensation