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Event Summary

“The financial pressures on landlords are immense but it is a reminder of the importance of investing in complaint handling services and learning from complaints during challenging times to help maintain effective service areas.”—**Richard Blakeway, Insight Report September 2022

Housing associations and local authorities are facing unprecedented scrutiny in an increasingly pressured environment, against a backdrop of financial pressures and rising repair costs. A more proactive approach to regulation is on the way, with new powers for the Regulator and a move to TSMs. The Ombudsman recently issued 45 complaint handling failure orders between July and September 2022, the highest number since they came into effect.*

In this context, upholding tenant satisfaction and embedding a robust complaint handling procedure is essential.

Our annual Effective Complaint Handling in Housing Digital Conference will include best practice guidance and lessons learned from leading housing associations, the Housing Ombudsman and local authorities.

Hear from Rebecca Reed, Head of Insight and Development, Housing Ombudsman Service, who will share the latest updates to the Complaint Handling Code and what to expect from the removal of the democratic filter. Learn how to improve your processes to maintain positive relationships with tenants, safeguard staff resilience and ensure compliance with the code.

With a strong need to professionalise staff, take this unique opportunity to upskill your team with 6 hours of CPD certified training at our timely digital conference. Empower teams to identify, respond, and resolve complaints more efficiently with the confidence to approach complex cases.

Join our workshop-style sessions, put your questions to our expert speakers and share your challenges with colleagues across the sector. Take this opportunity to transform your complaint handling culture and generate service improvements that meet residents’ needs.

* Housing Ombudsman Nov 2022

Key points

  • Ensure your teams are prepared for areas where further change can be expected including TSMs and closer work with the  Regulator for Social Housing
  • Change your approach to complaints, moving beyond tick box compliance and creating a culture of learning and improvement
  • Hear  how best to use customer feedback and data to drive improvement in complaints performance
  • Raise your questions with the  Housing Ombudsman Service, who will share the latest updates to the  Complaint Handling Code and what to expect from the removal of the democratic filter
  • Assess compliance against the updated complaint handling code to avoid maladministration rulings
  • Learn what to consider when proposing an appropriate and proportionate remedy
  • Review recommendations from the Housing Ombudsman’s spotlight reports and best practice guidance for navigating complaints around damp mould and noise
  • Create a  positive complaint handling culture, which embeds continuous learning and improvement.