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Event Summary

Since this Government’s pledge to recruit an additional 20,000* police officers, over 11,000 new officers have joined as of December 2021 via the Police Uplift Programme. Of the 11,000, more than 2 in 5 new recruits were female and more than 1 in 10 self identified under a BAME category.

UK policing is making great strides to build police forces that are representative of the communities they serve, but there is still progress to be made.

Join Westminster Insight’s Diversity and Inclusion in the Police Digital Conference to gain best practice and innovative ideas to drive diverse representation and create cultures of inclusion within your own police force.

EDI experts and police leaders will spotlight the following 4 key areas:

  • Representative leadership
  • Ethnic representation and racial equality
  • Disability inclusion and neurodiversity
  • LGBT+ inclusion

Gain practical insights on how to create an inclusive recruitment selection process. Learn how to develop as an equal opportunities employer to retain diverse individuals in policing.

This event will be delivered virtually. Book on to watch the content from your own work/home space and on demand. Network and collaborate with colleagues from across the UK via the digital platform.

*Home Office, 2021

Key Points

  • Empowering leaders to embed diversity and inclusion in policing from the top down
  • Driving diverse representation through positive action strategies
  • Improving inclusion for disabled and neurodiverse staff
  • Increasing ethnic representation through effective outreach, recruitment and retention
  • Leveraging employee resource groups to support LGBT+ inclusion
  • Fostering cultures of belonging by strengthening policies on harassment and bullying