Event Summary

Join your colleagues from local authorities to explore what is being done to digitally reform our local services to improve reliance, performance, security and accessibility.

COVID-19 fast-forwarded demand for digital transformation and much progress has been made. But what is next for our local services and how can you keep up with the ever-increasing pressure to improve, adapt and transform?

This conference will outline next steps for Government policy and funding commitments such as the Future Council Pilot programme which is encouraging local service transformation. We will focus on innovation and practical actions to facilitate your local council’s digital transformation.

Learn from user experience case studies that outline how everyday services can be built and digitalised with users’ need’s in mind. Digital connectivity is crucial in enabling the function of, and access to, local services. Join us to explore Britain’s push for nationwide gigabit rollout to tackle digital exclusion and improve inclusivity. You will also hear how to address the needs of the most vulnerable in society, ensuring that they are not left behind in the digital revolution.

Data is an important currency for progress, but some local organisations struggle to know what data they have, how to use and protect it.* This conference will focus on the importance of good quality data for influencing local policy and meeting targets, as well as developments in cyber safetyAIopen standards and data protection.

Local authorities have seen sustained budget cuts of £15bn between 2010 and 2020** – we will explore how digitalisation can make financial sense for local council budgets, as well as stimulate economic growth through partnerships with the public, private and third sector.

You will have the opportunity to network with senior colleagues to discuss common challenges and partnership working opportunities to help transform local services.

*Access Group, 2022

**Financial Times, 2023

Key Points

  • Understanding digitalisation and what it means for local services
  • Gain a better understanding of the cyber, AI and digital challenges
  • Nationwide digital rollout and tackling connectivity exclusion
  • The role of data collection and manipulation in influencing policy to meet targets
  • Cyber resilience and data protection
  • The future of AI and the impact for local services
  • Local service improvements and Smart Cities
  • Meeting the digital needs of society’s most vulnerable
  • Assessing the economic challenges and benefits of local digitalisation

Venue details

This conference will take place at the Institution of Structural Engineers, Bastwick Street, London. Attend this full-day event in person to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.