Event Summary

Developing confident leaders who can inspire others, manage staff effectively and improve services will help to set a clear direction for the NHS. Participate in this course and learn how to successfully lead your team with confidence.

Gain insight into imposter syndrome, how it can affect team performance and what you can do to overcome it. Learn how to perform confidently in the face of ambiguity.

Join this course to cultivate a strong leadership style that works for your team. Inspire confidence and maximise your impact within the NHS and among your team.

Build knowledge and implement confident actions that will support you in your role and increase your presence.

This virtual course is aimed at emerging leaders and line managers in the NHS and social care looking to develop personal skills and lead with confidence.

Key Points

  • Build your skills as a confident leader
  • Create a strategy to inspire confidence in others
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and improve the workplace atmosphere
  • Increase your presence as a confident leader