Course Summary

Join our Social Media Content Planning online training to ensure your 2023 social media activity gets results. Learn how to create and share authentic content across different platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

At this interactive online training, you will hear best practice guidance from a leading industry practitioner with new ideas and practical tips for creating and curating great content. Improve your content strategy and develop your own content calendar. Plan ahead for the potential risks of using social media.

This interactive course will break down the four types of content for social media :

  • Written – posts, blogs and articles
  • Visual – images and infographics
  • Audio/video
  • Interactive and user generated content

Understand the importance of telling stories on social media. We will look at social media content examples – good and bad. Refresh your knowledge of the basics such as best times to post, use of emojis and hashtags and accessibility.

With a rise in the use of video content across all social media platforms (not just TikTok), we will  focus on creating video content, and review the differences between recording video content and using live video across each social media platform.

We will cover interactive content.  Engage your audience with interactive, responsive content where users can click, play, answer, and engage.

A final session covers sentiment analysis and how to manage public comments and direct messages.  

Please note, this practical one-day course covers organic engagement, and not paid social media.

Course Outcomes

By attending this course you will be able to:

  • Identify what good social media content looks like, using the 5E model
  • Keep your focus with content pillars and define your approach to different social media platforms
  • Generate new content ideas
  • Hear best practice guidance for posting, content curation and digital story telling
  • Set your goals and know what success looks like
  • Track performance via the use of sentiment analysis
  • Learn to share content that isn’t your own and avoid copyright issues
  • Top tips for interactive social media, video including live video
  • Learn how to manage commentspublic and DMs