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Event Summary

Complaint handling is a journey of continuous improvement.

Westminster Insight’s annual Complaint Handling in the Public Sector Digital will bring together experts, practitioners and leading teams to share best practice that will harness complaints as a driver for service improvement.

How do you ensure a positive culture of learning and improvement, leading to higher standards in public services?

With the PHSO launching the new UK Central Government Complaint Standards focused on quicker and easier complaints processing, hear from our keynote panel including the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Rob Behrens CBE and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Rosemary Agnew. Explore guidance for the public sector, practical takeaways for lasting service improvement and promoting a positive complaints culture.

Hear illuminating examples of good practice from complaint handling teams from central government, housing, and local government.  Faced with overwhelming demand following the COVID-19 pandemic*, speakers will share strategies and skills to support teams and respond to increasing levels of complaints.

Following an increase in abuse and vexatious behaviour, mediation experts will share their advice on how to minimise conflict, avoid escalation and repeat complaints.

Take the opportunity to network with peers and share ideas. Review and revamp your complaint handling policy to improve accountability, maintain trust in public service users and increase service provision.

Key Points

  • Reviewing your complaints processes to drive service improvement
  • Working with the Ombudsman
  • Creating a positive and collaborative culture across your organisation to identify failings and achieve early resolution
  • Promoting staff accountability and sharing responsibility across teams to achieve improved outcomes
  • Using effective language and policy steps to build cooperative and constructive relationships with customers.
  • Mediation: Working with complainants to reduce vexatious behaviour and improve outcomes for all
  • Using data insights to understand root causes and take proactive action