Event Summary

Join Westminster Insight’s Compassionate Leadership in the NHS Digital Workshop to develop and hone your skills as an empathetic leader.

Amidst the ongoing challenges in the NHS, you will gain practical insights on the relationship between culture and leadership, and what it means to lead with compassion.  Learn from best practice and supportive guidance to help you lead your team compassionately and inclusively.

You will learn how to build compassionate environments for staff and create belonging in teams. Spot the signs of poor mental health and support teams to withstand and thrive in crises. Handle a wide range of interpersonal situations with skill and confidence.

Hear how you can promote inclusion, a sense of belonging and psychological safety. Build your skills to navigate difficult conversations on a variety of topics including conduct, performance, and flexible working requests.

Gain practical solutions to your scenarios and take part in break out sessions focused on ensuring we lead with compassion.

Key Points

  • Developing your skills as a compassionate leader
  • Improving organisational resilience to withstand crises
  • Cultivating cultural change through leadership
  • Creating a vision to inspire others to work together and ensure care is safe and effective
  • Using active listening as a leader to ensure quality of care for patients and alleviate distress
  • Role modelling to build rapport
  • Building strong interpersonal skills to develop trust between manager and employee
  • Use this training to contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development