Workshop Leader

Suzy Kitching is a children’s Social Worker with over 25 years’ practice experience. Alongside her work with Strengthening Practice, Suzy is an Independent Scrutineer for a Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership and a Lead Reviewer for Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews.

Suzy is passionate about skilled practice and learning; she was awarded an MBE for services to children and families in 2010 following the success and innovation of an integrated adult and children service she set up and developed.

Suzy has worked in the Northeast of England as a practitioner and delivered Training in skill-based family practice across the country. Developing whole family practice where adult issues (substance misuse, domestic abuse, and Mental health) impacted on the wellbeing and safety of children.

Suzy has worked in Local Authorities at both an operational and strategic level, she has supported practice improvement and culture change as Head of service and Principal Social Worker. Suzy has a real interest and passion in supporting and improving practice by applying learning into practice.

Guest Speakers

  • Nicola Brownjohn, Independent Safeguarding Consultant




Suzy Kitching MBE

Consultant Social Worker and Trainer

Nicola Brownjohn

Nicola Brownjohn

Independent Safeguarding Consultant

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