Event Summary

The ability to lead through change is a vital skill in an economy facing rapid change.

Change management will ensure changes in an organisation are implemented thoroughly – and that the impact on processes, resources, people, and the organisation is properly assessed.

This one-day online course is designed to help people leading teams through change. Ensure you can identify the internal and external drivers of change, and understand the benefits.

Learn how to communicate and ensure staff buy in, to ensure change is widely adopted and embedded.

The course will be interactive and limited in numbers to ensure full participation, enabling you to discuss the change challenges you face in your roles.

The course will be useful for leaders in the public, private and voluntary sectors who want to improve their capacity to plan for change, to manage and support people through transitions, and to embed change in organisations.

Develop the skills to take on a change management role with confidence.

Course Outcomes

Attendees on this course will:

  • Understand the impact of different types of change on the individual and the organisation
  • Identify a range of strategies for leading through change
  • Understand the importance of communication at all stages in the change process
  • Recognise what needs to happen for change to be successfully embedded in the organisation
  • Take away key insights from project management, leadership and Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Understand how to measure the success of change