Event Summary

By April 2024, a new building safety regime will be fully operational, with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) officially becoming the authority for High Rise Buildings and gaining new enforcement powers. The BSR will start issuing Building Assessment Certificates and regulating the building control profession.

Whilst secondary legislation is still unfolding, Gateways 2 and 3 are expected to come into force from the 1st October which includes submissions of the Golden Thread.

Join Westminster Insight’s bi-annual conference to understand how to navigate upcoming deadlines from the BSA and make sure you are prepared and compliant. You will gain insights on how to access funding, upskill staff to raise awareness of new requirements, and learn how to communicate consistently with residents.

You will hear perspectives from key stakeholders on where you will need to be in each of the coming milestones and how your organisation can get there. Gain strategic perspectives from Homes England, and Building Safer Futures and insights on resident engagement from TPAS and Hyde Housing. Get an in depth look at BIM from Building Regulations Advisory Committee Deputy Chair, Aman Sharma and understand how to build Safety Cases and start compiling the Golden Thread.

Delegates will have the opportunity to raise their questions to expert speakers on:

  • How to evaluate organisational competence?
  • Ensure supply chain compliance including contractors and third parties
  • An overview for Building Safety Cases and Building Safety Reports
  • Preparing submissions for the Golden Thread of Information
  • Resident Engagement strategies

This conference will help you take ownership and get comfortable with accountability and improve your knowledge of safety management responsibilities.

Landlords will share strategies on how to make the most of engagement opportunities with residents. Learn how to involve different teams working in siloes and harness frontline contact to change culture around building and fire safety.

Key points

  • Ensuring competence and compliance throughout your supply chain
  • Understanding next steps for the implementation of the Building Safety Act and new enforcement powers for the BSR
  • The Cladding Safety Scheme and funding opportunities to meet new standards
  • Keeping residents informed, engaged and safe
  • Reviewing duties for accountable persons and responsibilities to comply with fire safety regulations

Venue details

In-person: This conference will take place at the Institution of Structural Engineers, Bastwick Street, London. Attend this half-day event in person to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.