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Event Summary

Our annual Building Safety Conference will dive into the latest developments, including current best practice for fulfilling your duties under the Building Safety Act (BSA) and preparing for secondary legislation. What do the new building safety regulations mean for your organisation?

With building registrations for existing occupied High-rise Residential Buildings (HRB) starting in April 2023, attend to learn how your organisation can fulfil its duties. You will gain insights on how to collate information into the golden thread and develop Building Safety Cases. We will review funding opportunities and hear advice on how to optimise resources when meeting costs for remediation, digital information processing, and new competence requirements.

Hear from members of the Building Safety Regulator, Golden Thread Working Group- Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC), and early adopters. Sessions will include  navigating the Gateway system, and strategies to engage tenants. Learn more about the duty holder’s responsibilities,  plus the role of Accountable Persons for occupied high-rise residential buildings.

The conference will bridge gaps from the procurement stage all the way through to resident engagement. We will review the scope and enforcement of complementary legislation, such as the Fire Safety Order.

Join us to gain practical tools for planning immediate actions as well as the long-term strategies to keep buildings and your residents safe.

Key Topics

  • Preparing for secondary legislation and ensuring compliance with the BSA
  • Understanding the new requirements on duty holders and the responsibilities and new skills needed for Accountable Persons
  • Keeping homes safe and affordable: factoring in costs incurred by the BSA
  • Building Safety Cases: assessing the building’s structural integrity and potential risks
  • Implementing a tenant engagement strategy to mitigate risks
  • Creating and updating Golden Thread: skills, costs and benefits for Building Information Modelling (BIM)