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Event Summary

Attend Westminster Insight’s timely, biannual Alternative Provision Digital Conference to consider how to build more inclusive cultures and practices and create opportunity for all pupils in alternative provision. Identify and support the needs of pupils.

Join us as we discuss the implications of the  SEND and Alternative Provision Green Paper for the alternative provision sector. With new investment promised of 2.6 billion over 3 years*, understand how best to use available funding and manage budgets in difficult economic times.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, learn how to adapt your setting to contend with the current socio-economic challenges and provide care for pupils that are facing hardship.

Explore the role of local authorities and multi-agency partnerships – how do you plan and deliver an alternative provision service focused on early intervention. How can you work together to support children and young people’s movements out of alternative provision to mainstream settings and other destinations?

Understand what Ofsted expects from alternative providers and how to meet requirements in attendance, ensuring better engagement with the young people and families you work with.

How do you gain trust and engagement with parents, carers and the wider community to prevent criminal exploitation? You will hear from best practice examples on how to implement a child-first, contextual safeguarding approach.

Learn what other alternative providers are doing to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing, building resilience, and preparing young people for life after education. Gain understanding from SEND specialists on how best to support young people and remove barriers to opportunities that SEND children too often face in alternative provision.

Address the psychologically challenging circumstances that staff face in the workplace, we will explore ways you can support the wellbeing and continual professional development of your staff.

* Department for Education “right support, right place, right time” SEND and Alternative Provision report, May 2022

Key Topics

  • Explore what Ofsted inspectors are looking for in Alternative Provision  
  • Securing maximum funding for your setting and working within tight financial budgets
  • Supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing through effective interventions
  • Engaging and building trust with parents and carers to improve outcomes
  • Working with communities to reduce pupil’s vulnerability to criminal exploitation
  • Making sure all staff are supported and able to reach their full potential
  • Taking a graduated approach to SEND support