Event Summary

This course will help those in charge of planning and delivering successful advertising and marketing campaigns. Reach your target audience in compliance with the law.

Our Advertising Law Essentials Online Training will allow you to improve your knowledge of basic advertising law including:

  • ASA and CAP Code
  • Green Claims Code
  • PECR and privacy best practice
  • Guidance on Influencer Marketing
  • Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and consumer law

Learn about the scope and remit of the regulatory authorities and their enforcement powers. Navigate current legislation and take away practical insights to implement changes that build a solid strategy with socially responsible content. Self-assess your strategy to ensure you are not misusing data or misleading your audience. Avoid financial and reputational damage and understand how to proceed if someone complains about your advertising.

Our expert trainer will provide examples of good and bad practice to advertise responsibly and within the law. Discuss experiences with peers and review and improve your own marketing strategy.

Course Outcomes

  • Review updates to the changing landscape of advertising law in the digital age
  • Identify problems with your ad campaigns before a complaint is made
  • Increase awareness in staff of CAP Codes and PECR rules
  • Understand copyrights and intellectual property rights
  • Learn how to avoid misleading advertising from real complaints and ASA rulings
  • Review your compliance with the Green Claims Code, avoid ‘greenwashing’
  • Best practice to proof and improve your strategy within the law
  • Get an update on the latest guidelines and recommendations to advertise on different online and social media platforms
  • Get the latest on responsible influencer marketing