Conferences and Events

Education and Children’s Services

Discover a range of conferences and training events to advance your professional development in the education and child welfare sector. Our events offer a unique platform for individuals to learn and enhance their skills while keeping up with the latest research and best practices.

Our education conferences cover a diverse range of topics related to teaching and learning, inspections, curriculum design, classroom management, assessment and evaluation, safeguarding, and support for students. You will have the opportunity to hear expert speakers share their insights, research, and experience to help you develop new skills and strategies during our children’s services conferences to apply in your own educational setting.

Hear best practice and evidence-based strategies from a range of schools (early years, primary and secondary schools, colleges, PRUs and special schools). Understand how they are improving teaching and learning, delivering tailored support to support staff wellbeing and raising aspirations for all pupils.

In further education, we share the latest updates from the Government (DfE, IfATE, and more) and best practice to support students’ progression into technical qualifications, apprenticeships and higher education.

Our timely conferences explore changing priorities for universities and higher education institutions in the UK, covering a breadth of topics. We focus on the future of R&D, assessment, teaching and learning plus initiatives to improve student experience: from admissions, to student life, through to employability.

For professionals working in children’s services, our CPD-certified conferences and training courses provide useful insights into the evolving landscape of child protection and multi-agency working.

This is a unique opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. During our children’s services training, you will have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and share best practices, fostering a collaborative environment that can help you continue to grow and improve in your work.

Join us to gain valuable insight and knowledge that can help you grow and develop in your career, protect vulnerable children and educate the next generation of young people.