Course Summary

More than one in three children and young people are exposed to at least one potentially traumatic event by age 18. *

Trauma-informed approaches enable services to recognise the presence of trauma and acknowledge its widespread impact, whilst seeking to avoid re-traumatisation.

Attend Westminster Insight’s one-day interactive online workshop to learn how to implement a successful trauma-informed approach in your health, social care or education setting. Improve outcomes for children and young people in your care.

What does trauma-informed care look like and why is it important? How can you effectively respond to those suffering from trauma? The effects of trauma are personal and complicated and not limited to mental health. Learn how to identify the symptoms of trauma and provide appropriate support. Gain skills to communicate with young people who are affected by trauma and tailor interventions to meet their individual needs.

Our expert trainer, Dr Kirsty Hughes, Clinical Director for Beyond Psychology, will share best practice to help you to advance your approach to trauma-informed care. Take part in interactive sessions that will enable you to relate and resonate with people who have experienced trauma.

UK Trauma Council, 2023