Event Summary

Tackling our dependence on single use plastics is critical in our drive for a greener future.  

Building upon advancements made by the Government including the 2022 ‘Plastic Packaging Tax’, new measures are set to be introduced in October 2023 banning a range of single use items to combat avoidable plastic waste.  

After the success of our previous Plastic Waste conferences, Westminster Insight’s Unwrapping the Challenge of Single Use Plastics Digital Conference is ideally timed to review how these goals can be achieved. We will outline the next steps for Government legislation, we will hear from DEFRA and assess how upcoming changes will impact your organisation as well as producers, manufacturers and consumers.

Ensure you are not left behind in the plastic revolution and update your knowledge on what good personal and business sustainability practice looks like, in order to facilitate bottom-up behaviour change.

Our conference will bring together representatives from retail, logistics, waste management, packaging, government and sustainability sectors. 

You will learn from innovative case studies focusing on consumption; how do you develop strategies that can make a real difference in reducing single use plastic in all areas of society? 

We will offer valuable insight into plastic’s place in our future. Hear from those who are championing transformation at each stage of the plastic life cycle through delivering a circular economy. You will explore how a circular economy can be implemented to drive system-wide improvement.  

Wherever you are in your journey away from single use plastics, join this event to keep up to date and connect with peers who are working towards direct and long-lasting change. 

Key points

  • Outlining next steps for Government legislation to reduce single use plastics
  • Assessing how changes in legislation will impact organisations – local government, education sector, producers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers and environmental groups
  • Collaborative work between leaders to reach the shared goal of plastic waste reduction
  • Implementing a circular economy and changing consumer habits
  • Ending single use plastics: policy and future steps to ensure sustainable development
  • What next for consumers and commercial sectors who are reliant on plastics?
  • Transitioning away from plastics: improving sustainability across the public and private sector
  • Futureproofing plastic use for future generations