Event Summary

Over 6,500 reports of spiking were made to the police in the year ending April 2023, 957 relating to needle spiking.*

Join Westminster Insight’s Understanding and Tackling Spiking Digital Conference to hear from representatives from police, health, councils, licensed premises and associated charities about collaborative, zero-tolerance approaches to preventing and responding to spiking incidents.

Spiking is an insidious, traumatic and under-reported crime, with long-lasting consequences for victims.  A recent Home Office report, Understanding and tackling spiking**, set out a raft of new measures targeting spiking including changes to legislation, research into self-testing kits, more training for door staff and better education for young people.

Attend this timely online event to hear the latest policy updates and on the ground best practice partnership schemes and initiatives from police, local councils and night- time venues working together to proactively address spiking incidents.

Gain insight from people with lived experience to understand reasons for under-reporting and how to support victims  to come forward and feel confident that their report will be believed.

Find out how a whole-system, victim-first approach to spiking can make night outs in night time economy settings in your local area safer.

*Spiking factsheet – Home Office, December 2023

*‘Understanding and tackling spiking’- Home Office, December 2023

Key Points

  • Understanding spiking: prevalence, scale and substances used
  • Latest developments: online reporting tool roll out and anti-drink spiking products
  • What we know about what works to prevent and deter spiking incidents
  • Supporting victims: improving the reporting experience and subsequent care of victims
  • Pursuing perpetrators – understanding motivations, identifying and prosecution
  • The legal framework explained
  • How Higher Education Institutions can support student safety
  • Equipping venue staff to identify, respond and protect their customers
  • Best practice examples of local partnerships to address spiking

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand your organisation’s role and responsibilities in tackling spiking
  • Learn more about perpertrators’ behaviour, with the aim of preventing and disrupting people from committing spiking in the first place.
  • Find out how to work proactively with your local nightlife sector and other local partners to implement best practice approaches