Event Summary

An increasing number of people are facing financial difficulty, with 4.2 million people missing domestic bills or credit repayments in the last 6 months.  (FCA 2023)

In April 2023, social rent increases impacted households who were already close to tipping point due to continuing inflationary pressures, changes in universal credit, and the cost-of-living crisis.

Our bi-annual Tackling Rent Arrears Digital Conference will provide practical guidance to help you improve your income collection strategy and support vulnerable tenants at risk of arrears.

The Social Rented Sector (SRS) houses some of the UK’s most vulnerable and poorest households. With a backdrop of rising costs for housing providers, social landlords need to allocate their resources efficiently to prevent tenancy failure and manage arrears. What actions can you take, in the short and long-term to reduce the risk of rent arrears?

We will showcase innovative and personalised solutions to support tenants experiencing financial hardship and help them to pay rent. Learn how you can partner with organisations offering debt advice and access to affordable credit. Identify tenants at risk of accruing debt, intervene early and signpost relevant support services.

We will highlight the disproportionate effect that the cost-of-living crisis is having on the most vulnerable tenants and people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Learning from different housing associations and partners, we will focus on what works – we will compare different approaches and spotlight effective solutions.

Our practical workshop session will share best practice advice on how to upskill frontline officers to manage difficult situations, increase disclosure and build trust with tenants.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your approach to rent arrears and support vulnerable tenants. Network with your peers, raise your questions and take part in our interactive sessions.

Key Topics

  • Identifying the key drivers that lead to arrears
  • Upskilling staff to build trusting relationships with tenants and manage difficult situations
  • Impacting rent payment behaviours
  • Support vs enforcement – Changing your approach from punitive to supportive
  • Signposting tenants to available support services, debt relief and financial crisis assistance
  • Taking a personalised approach to arrears management, facilitating access to benefits and wraparound support
  • Building partnerships between housing associations and community finance providers
  • Breaking the debt cycle and monitoring outcomes after interventions
  • A spotlight on service charge arrears, leases, contracts and providing assistance with new tenancies