Event Summary

Join Westminster Insight’s annual Handling Student Complaints in Higher Education Conference to understand how to deal with a range of complaints comprehensively, including: consumer rights, service disruption, welfare, housing-related, misconduct, and academic issues.

Hear directly from the OIA on next steps to improve outcomes for students across higher education, current trends in complaints and addressing the volume of complaints.

We will explore how to handle the appeal process, work with the OIA effectively, and change attitudes, quantifying complaints as practical lessons learnt.  You will understand how you can put complaints at the heart of your Higher Education Institute, embedding the lived experience of students to ensure all complaints count.

Ongoing challenges, such as the cost-of-living crisis, strikes, and housing shortages, mean there is a sustained need to deal with complaints. We will help you understand how you can implement a transparent and effective system that is accessible for students and leads to positive outcomes for all.

Hear the latest updates, insights, and practical guidance from our expert practitioners on: working towards early resolution, embedding empathy, and timely responses to student concerns that prevent formal complaints and escalation. Spotlighting best practice, we will explore how to equip your staff to manage student complaints effectively.

Join us to network with colleagues from across the HEI sector and share experiences, ideas, and practical solutions, to take away with you.

You will hear directly from the OIA who have confirmed their participation in the event. We look forward to bringing you the full speaker line up shortly.

Key Points

  • Embedding effective complaints processes: communication, transparency, and responses
  • Training staff to handle complaints effectively
  • Achieving early resolution: preventing formal complaints
  • Making complaints count: learning from lived experience
  • Dealing with different and complex complaints: academic delivery, consumer rights, industrial action and misconduct
  • Learning from complaints made throughout the pandemic: next steps for HEI
  • Responding effectively to complaints made about staff