Event Summary

Housing association rent arrears hit a record high of nearly £800m last year*, as tenants continue to struggle with the cost-of-living crisis.

Westminster Insight’s Rent Arrears Conference comes at a critical time for housing providers, local authorities, ALMOs.

Vulnerable tenants, in precarious financial circumstances, are struggling to pay their rent. It is more complex and difficult than ever for social landlords to collect income, support vulnerable tenants and sustain tenancies in the current economic climate.

Attend this event to improve your understanding of the drivers of rent arrears in the social housing sector. Gain an insight into the Universal Credit rollout and the managed migration process for households on legacy benefits. Learn more about proposed policy changes such as plans to abolish Section 21 eviction notices. Hear directly from housing associations, local authorities and ALMOs about how this will affect tenants and income collection teams.

Vulnerable people and tenants from ethnic minority backgrounds are the groups most affected by rising rent arrears. How can you provide support to tenants who are struggling with financial hardship, loss of employment, long-term illness, mental health, disability and/or personal crises? Take away ideas to improve communication and build trust with the tenants who are most in need of help. Identify tenants at risk of accruing debt, intervene early and signpost relevant support services that will improve residents’ financial capability.

Helping people to sustain their tenancies is key to success. We will cover working together to provide support and explore pathways to prevent costly evictions. As a last resort, hear from a legal expert who will cover the clarify the process for repossession claims and to recuperate former rent arrears.

*Inside Housing

Key Topics

  • A policy update – proposals to abolish Section 21 eviction notices, the new Tenancy standard, what next?
  • An update on Universal Credit and the managed migration process
  • Examples of collaboration between landlords and tenants to resolve rent arrears
  • Providing advice and support in the form of income maximisation, benefit checks, Discretionary Housing Payments, debt advice and employment support
  • Understanding the risk factors for rent arrears and financial vulnerability
  • Next steps for tenancy sustainment and avoiding evictions
  • A legal update: Section 21, Running a Possession Order, the Pre-action Protocol for Possession Claims by social landlords
  • Managing Former Tenant Arrears (FTA)
  • A spotlight on vulnerability and how can we support vulnerable people with rent arrears