09:00– 09:30

Registration, Tea and Coffee

09:30 – 09:45

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Cameron Black

Cameron Black

External Training and Relationship Lead, Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

09:45 – 10:15

Keynote Address: The New Complaint Handling Code – Principles, Processes and Timelines

  • Overview of the Complaint Handling Code
  • Outlining the definition of service requests and complaints
  • Putting complaints at the heart of service delivery
Live Q&A
10:05 - 10:15
Verity Richards

Verity Richards

Head of Dispute Support, Housing Ombudsman Service

10:15 - 10:55

Joint Session: Collaborating with your Ombudsman

  • Understanding the Ombudsman’s role
  • Addressing the criteria for escalating complaints
  • Establishing effective communication between your organisation and the Ombudsman
  • The collaborative process: challenges and lessons learned
Live Q&A
10:45 - 10:55
Rosemary Agnew

Rosemary Agnew

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Matthew Harris

Head of Complaints Standards, Public Services Ombudsman for Wales

Scott Stevenson

Director of Strategy, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

10:55 – 11:25

Achieving Compliance Through Technology

  • Design and deliver better services for service users and communities 
  • Exploring Govmetric’s CaseTracker: Ensuring effective and compliant management of any formal customer interaction 
  • What does effective complaint management look like? 
Live Q&A
11:15 - 11:25
Nic Streatfeild

Nic Streatfeild

Managing Director, GovMetric

Tony Stead

Tony Stead

Business Development Manager, Cambridge City Council

11:25 – 11:55

Networking Break

11:55 – 12:25

Successfully Handling Escalated Complaints

  • Understanding escalated Complaints 
  • Navigating the escalation process 
  • Managing service users’ expectations 
  • Enhancing investigation and resolution 
Live Q&A
12:15 - 12:25

Cllr. Ben Wesson

Head of Customer Enquiries and Complaints, The Nursing and Midwifery Council, Councillor, Ealing Council

12:25 – 12:45

Enhancing the Complaint Handling Process through Accessibility and Awareness

  • Improving accessibility and awareness in complaint handling
  • Ways to implement service user-friendly complaint channels
Live Q&A
11:40 - 11:50
Stuart Purcell

Stuart Purcell

Corporate Complaints Manager, Rotherham Borough Council & National Complaint Managers Group

12:45 – 13:45



13:45 – 14:15

The Importance of Performance and Self-Assessment in Effective Complaint Handling

  • Highlighting the role of performance and self-assessment in the complaint handling process 
  • Identifying KPIs for complaint handling 
  • How to collect and analyse data to enhance complaint resolution  
Live Q&A
14:05 – 14:15
Ruth Hammick

Ruth Hammick

Complaints Manager, London Borough of Merton

14:15 – 14:55

Panel Session: Establishing a Thriving Organisational Culture for Successful Complaint Handling

  • How can a learning and development oriented organisational culture can impact complaint resolution? 
  • Working towards early resolution to avoid escalation 
  • Equipping staff to manage and support complaint handling procedures 
  • Addressing the role of effective internal communication in creating an efficient complain handling process 
Live Q&A
14:45 - 14:55

Susan James

Head of Casework, London TravelWatch and Transport Focus

Helen Wyatt

Helen Wyatt

Customer Relations Manager, Devon County Council, and Vice Chair, National Complaint Handling Managers Group, Chair, Southwest Complaint Managers Group

Brian Weston

Head of Research & Insight, Institute of Customer Service

14:55 – 15:15

Case Study: Effective Complaint Handling for Customers in Vulnerable Situations

This session will highlight the importance of sensitivity, empathy and effective communication needed when handling complaints and dealing with vulnerable situations..

Live Q&A
15:05 - 15:15
Helen Main

Helen Main

Customer & Complaints Manager, The Insolvency Service

15:15 – 15:50

Cultivating Trust Through Effective Complaint Handling and Feedback

  • Building strong customer relationships – setting expectations and working towards clear timelines
  • Understanding the service user perspective
  • Using complaints to increase trust between service users and organisations
Live Q&A
15:40 - 15:50

Caroline Robertson

Director of Resolution, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

15:50 – 16:00

Chair’s Closing Remarks

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