Event Summary

The Online Safety Act will mark a new era for children’s safety at a time when online child abuse is at a record high. Hear from keynote speaker Sir Jeremy Wright MP, Chair, APPG on Digital Regulation and Responsibility, who will outline how the Online Safety Act will better protect young people against online risks and harms.

What changes can you expect to see over the coming year and how should your organisation prepare? Join us as we discuss the implications for child protection services, law enforcement, technology companies, schools, colleges, universities, regulators, local authorities, and more.

Chaired by Internet Matters, Westminster Insight’s Online Safety Digital Conference will share practical insights into implementing an effective and preventative approach to online safety, deep dive into key issues including:

  • Implementation of the Online Safety Act: what to expect over the coming year
  • Understanding and tackling current harms facing young people
  • Implementing strong online safety training initiatives: ensuring staff feel confident in talking about and teaching online safety
  • Equipping young people with the skills they need to keep themselves safe online
  • Embedding effective online safety policies

What does the online world look like for young people? Learn about online harms facing young people and new harmful or illegal online offences including cyber flashing and deepfake pornography. Understand the wider definitions of harmful content, including online harassment and content which promotes topics such as suicide, self-harm or eating disorders. We will discuss the priorities for regulation and ensuring that online offences are tackled effectively.

Hear from best practice case studies and gain practical insights into strengthening your approach to online safety. We will outline how to harness initiatives such as ProjectEVOLVE and create safe spaces for children to navigate the online world.

Learn from local authority and policing colleagues who will share their approaches to effective multi-agency working when keeping children safe online. Strengthen your approach to collaborative working with key partners who are working hard to safeguard children online. Understand how to engage with parents and carers and provide them with accessible ways to identify and report harmful content.

Bringing together colleagues from education, local authorities, policing and the third sector, don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your approach to online safety and keeping children safe online.

Key Points

  • Understanding duties imposed by the Online Safety Act and implications for organisations including schools, local authorities and police
  • Ensuring staff are confident in teaching young people about online safety
  • Likely developments in the online safety section of Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • Recognising new online risks and teaching students about acceptable online behaviour
  • Equipping young people with the skills they need to keep themselves safe online
  • Providing parents and young people with clear and accessible ways to identify and report harmful content
  • Working effectively with key partners, including police and local authorities, to keep children safe online
  • Best practice in designing and implementing online safety policies
  • Strengthening safeguarding procedures to keep children safe online