Event Summary

In 2023, NHS sickness absence reached a record high, with poor mental health accounting for more than a quarter of all absence*. Meanwhile, poor mental health and wellbeing accounted for 30% of sickness absence among social care staff in councils**. Anxiety, stress, depression, and other psychiatric illnesses were the most reported reason for sickness.

With strong links between staff wellbeing and patient safety, leaders in health and social care must foster a supportive and compassionate environment to retain staff and provide safe, effective services.

Westminster Insight’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Health and Social Care Workforce Digital Conference will share best practice guidance and effective solutions aimed at supporting the mental health and wellbeing of staff.

With a focus on the most pressing mental health challenges faced by health and social care staff, including burnout, stress, anxiety and trauma, hear about successful strategies and initiatives from different NHS Trusts, local authorities and social care providers from across the country.

Join us for a full day of insightful discussions, networking and knowledge sharing. Understand how you can break down barriers and tackle discrimination to create a more inclusive workplace.  We will address the impact of inclusivity on staff mental health, including the unique experiences of foreign workers. With reduced funding for NHS Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs, we will discuss how to provide access to more intensive care when needed, and learn from the positive change brought about by the mental health and wellbeing hubs to date.

We will spotlight the pivotal role of management in supporting staff mental health and wellbeing, and explore practical steps and innovations introduced to support staff wellbeing, with positive consequences for staff and patient care.

* NHS Digital 2023

** British Psychological Society (BPS) 2023

Key Points

  • Mental health issues, including burnout, stress, anxiety and depression
  • Staff wellbeing strategies and initiatives that work
  • Cultivating a thriving and inclusive culture
  • Tackling discrimination and safeguarding the mental wellbeing of staff
  • Recognising unique challenges e.g. social care, foreign workers and shift work
  • The future of mental health and wellbeing hubs
  • Trauma-informed care for health and social care professionals
  • Enhancing staff wellbeing support through efficient management structures