Event Summary

The Knowledge Exchange Framework provides a unique opportunity for universities to learn from one another and drive improvement across the sector. With KEF results being released annually, and the KEF4 anticipated for September 2024, what will this mean for the future of knowledge exchange in your institution?

Join Westminster Insight’s annual Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) Conference on 16th October 2024 to reflect on your current KE practice, identify areas for improvement, and share best practice.

Explore KEF4 findings, what it means for your institution, and the impact the General Election result may have on the future of the framework.

Assessing key sources of data, learn how to interpret metrics and dashboards to monitor your KE activities.

Gain a thorough understanding of clustering: how are clusters formed? How can you utilise a comparison to improve your KE performance?

The KE Concordat’s eight principles are significant to developing and enhancing your KE activities. Discuss and debate upcoming changes and new initiatives such as the incorporation of new metrics and data, and pilot projects for better capturing non-monetised KE activities.

Hear from universities representing the different clusters on how to implement a successful KEF strategy. What has worked for different academic sectors, such as arts and STEM in terms of working with businesses, research partnerships, local growth, CPD, and grad start-ups?

What is the KEF’s role in assessing and guiding funding allocations? Explore the current funding landscape and sources, such as HEIF and Innovate UK. Understand how your institution can better allocate KE funding to make the best use of available resources.

Join us for a full day of networking and learning and explore how to use KEF4 results to embed a KEF driven culture across your institution.

Key Points

  • KEF4 findings and future directions of the Knowledge Exchange Framework
  • Monitoring KE activities through metrics and dashboards
  • Utilising clustering to improve performance
  • The KE Concordat and its role in enhancing knowledge exchange
  • Maximising KE funding through HEI and Innovate UK
  • Developing and implementing a successful KEF strategy

Venue Details and Access

In-person – This conference will take place at The Institution of Structural Engineers, Bastwick Street, London. Attend in-person to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.

Online – The conference will be recorded and live streamed via a custom digital platform. The content will be available on demand for 14 days.


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