Event Summary

The Housing Ombudsman’s 2023 Spotlight Report demonstrates that poor knowledge and information management (KIM) is routine in housing and a common reason when services fail.

Poor record and information management can lead to unnecessary delays, complaints from tenants, and regulatory fines if safety hazards are not addressed. Accurate and timely information allows boards and senior teams to manage risk and make informed strategic decisions that will ensure a high-quality service for residents.

Join Westminster Insight’s Improving Knowledge and Information Management in Housing Conference to improve your Knowledge and information management (KIM) strategy. We will focus on what good looks like in record keeping, information sharing and data management.

You’ll hear from Richard Blakeway, the Housing Ombudsman, with learnings shared from across the housing sector. Through a series of case studies, we will highlight good practice, specifically focussing on repairs and asset management, tenant engagement and complaints management.

Join this conference to learn how to approach the recommendations set out in the KIM report. Raise your questions to the Ombudsman and network with housing professionals

Key Points

  • The importance of data quality for compliance and service improvement
  • Recommendations from the Housing Ombudsman
  • Learning from good and bad practice across the housing sector
  • Improving data governance and culture
  • Reviewing the capability of existing data to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Proofing your information governance strategy
  • Streamlining data and simplifying information
  • Best practice for training staff to record information and benchmarking new standards
  • Recording vulnerabilities and handling sensitive data
  • Using data to improve resident satisfaction and to respond effectively to repairs