Event Summary

After the unexpected post-Covid recruitment boom, international student recruitment is now facing a challenging environment marked by domestic and global political, financial and societal changes. Enrolments slowed for 2023 and significantly reduced for the January 2024 intake, leading to concerns of future financial deficit. 

Westminster Insight’s Conference is ideally timed once the dust has settled post-election to explore how the new political landscape will impact international student recruitment, and to review the September 2024 admissions.   

Attend to analyse the evolving international market and changing UK brand perceptions. Identify opportunities to diversify recruitment, and to help shape the global reputation of your university. Consider how to overcome increasing negative media portrayal surrounding the impact of international students to maintain our reputation as a welcoming study destination.  

Discover how to engage with the next generation through successful marketing, recruitment and conversion strategies.  Explore potential students’ motivations and how to meet their requirements for enrolment by improving the student experience and promoting employability opportunities and outcomes from courses. 

Learn how to expand your international reach through establishing productive relationships with recruitment agents and expanding transnational education (TNE) programmes and your online offering. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn strategies that your institution can employ to not only withstand external pressures but to thrive amidst adversity. 

Key Points

  • Implications of the new political landscape on international student recruitment  
  • Reaffirming the UK’s reputation as a world class international study destination and building a global institutional brand 
  • Diversifying international recruitment to ensure sustainability 
  • Developing successful marketing, recruitment, and conversion strategies 
  • Integrating employability opportunities and outcomes into recruitment and marketing activity 
  • Establishing productive relationships with recruitment agents, strengthening transnational education (TNE) programmes and online provision 
  • Improving the international student experience