Event Summary

The Complaint Handling Code will become statutory from 1st April 2024, meaning landlords will be obliged by law to follow its requirements, working towards best practice by improving complaint handling and providing better services for residents.

Attend Westminster Insight’s Effective Complaint Handling in Housing Digital Conference as we look to embed a positive complaints culture across the housing sector. We will discuss how to improve resident-landlord relationships, putting residents’ complaints at the heart of organisations to develop and improve services.

Hear how to achieve early resolution, and how the Complaint Handling Code can help to increase transparency, accessibility, and governance. Empower your staff through training and embracing the code to ensure positive engagement, increase awareness, and deliver effective complaint processes that are flexible and agile.

Learn how to collect complaints data to assess the effectiveness and identify any challenges helping you to make informed business decisions that can drive improvement in service provision.

The Complaint Handling Code will mean social housing will have to annually self-assess and publish outcomes. Learn how you can prepare for this change, changing your mindset towards complaints, and drive a learning culture that thrives on engagement with residents.

Join us to network and prepare for the changes to the Ombudsman’s role, understanding how they will monitor compliance and how the code can benefit both landlords and residents.

Key points

  • Learn about the new Complaint Handling Code
  • New consumer standards and the implications for complaint handling
  • Understanding the definition of the term “vulnerable” and implementing a vulnerability strategy
  • Improving the identification and categorisation of vulnerabilities
  • Streamlining complaint handling processes through improving resolution strategies and investigation analysis.
  • Empowering staff to create a positive complaint resolution culture
  • Improving information sharing between Local Authorities and Housing Associations
  • Assessing the proposal of a New Royal Commission
  • Testing policy in practice against the 3Rs – recognise, respond, and record