09:00 – 09:30

Registration, Tea and Coffee

09:30 – 09:40

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Julie Dennis

Head of Inclusive Workplaces Policy, ACAS

09:40 – 10:10

Keynote Address: Preventing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

  • Understanding the definitions of harassment and bullying
  • Discussing ongoing legislation, next steps and implementation: Worker protection Bill and the Bullying and Respect at Work Bill
  • Addressing employer responsibility to take steps to prevent workplace sexual harassment
  • Protecting victims of workplace conflict: working towards prevention
Live Q&A
10:00 - 10:10
Baroness Burt of Solihull

Baroness Burt of Solihull

Sponsor of Worker Protection Bill, House of Lords

Wera Hobhouse MP

Wera Hobhouse MP

Sponsor of Worker Protection Bill, House of Commons

10:10 – 10:40

Legal Session: Understanding the Duty of Employers to Tackle Workplace Bullying and Harassment

  • Considering an employer’s duty of care
  • Developing preventative and inclusive anti-bullying policies
  • Steps to ensure a safe working environment free from conflict
  • What does support look like for victims?
Live Q&A
10:30 - 10:40
Tina Chander

Tina Chander

Head of Employment Law, Wright Hassall

10:40 – 11:10

Removing the Barriers to Speaking Up About Bullying and Harassment

  • Understanding barriers to reporting and how to overcome them
  • Empowering staff to come forward and speak up about bullying
  • Creating procedures that manage alleged perpetrators effectively
  • Supporting employees who have made a claim
Live Q&A
11:00 - 11:10
Rachel Suff

Rachel Suff

Senior Employee Relations Advisor, CIPD

11:10 – 11:40

Embedding Workplace Policies to Prevent Harassment and Bullying

  • Creating safe spaces for employees to come forward and report incidents
  • Embedding a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and bullying
  • Making reporting easy and accessible
  • Developing an effective complaints procedure and supporting employees through the process
Live Q&A
11:30 - 11:40
Carol Rosati

Carol Rosati OBE


11:40 – 12:10

Networking Break

Meet your colleagues and make new connections face to face or on our online platform

12:10 – 12:50

Best Practice Case Studies: Improving Organisational Culture and Employee Wellbeing to Prevent Bullying and Harassment

  • Mobilising change in organisational culture to reduce bullying and harassment
  • Promoting civility and respect
  • Ensuring trust between employee and employer
  • Building a trusted public reputation
Live Q&A
12:40 - 12:50
Jonathan Owen

Jonathan Owen

Chief Executive, National Association of Local Councils

Usha Choli

Usha Choli

Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Programme Head, Home Office

12:50 – 13:15

Preventing Workplace Bullying Through an Organisational Approach

  • Avoiding formal processes in favour of early intervention
  • Making conduct as well as performance management the norm
  • Shifting from an individual to an organisational perspective
  • Adopting a risk management approach
Live Q&A
13:05 - 13:15
Nicki Eyre

Nicki Eyre

Founder and Director, Conduct Change

13:15 – 13:40

Dimensions of Diversity in Workplace Conflict

  • Combatting harassment in terms of protected characteristics
  • Understanding the prevalence of microaggressions in workplace bullying
  • Using this knowledge to stamp out workplace conflict
Live Q&A
13:30 - 13:40
Dr Howard P. Haughton

Dr Howard P. Haughton

Inclusive Leadership Lead Consultant, Diversity Trust, Diversity Champion, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications

13:40 - 13:45

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Julie Dennis

Head of Inclusive Workplaces Policy, ACAS

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