Event Summary

2024 will see great challenges for all those involved in administering elections and the electoral registration system. Not only is there a General Election to prepare for, but major changes are to be implemented under the Elections Act 2022.

Westminster Insight’s one-day Preparing for Elections Digital Conference is ideally timed to prepare you to meet the changes applying to general elections, Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales, and local elections in England, at a time when local government resources are stretched.

Attend to ensure you are ready to deal with implementing Voter ID, overseas electors, changes to EU citizens voting rights, absent voting and postal vote handling.

Learn practical lessons from the introduction of Voter ID at the 2023 local elections. Hear how other local authorities are prioritising and planning resources, finances and staff to implement the required changes whilst simultaneously delivering planned 2024 elections and preparing for the General Election.

With research by the Electoral Commission finding that 17% of eligible voters in Great Britain are missing from the electoral register, we will explore successful outreach activities to boost levels of voter registration. Plus, hear feedback from recent activity to improve accessibility for disabled people at polling stations.

The Electoral Commission also reported that 40% of candidates at the May 2023 elections experienced abuse. Attend to learn how to tackle intimidation of voters and candidates and to prevent fraud at a local level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure that you are prepared to deliver a robust and efficient electoral service for your local area, which will stand up under the pressure and scrutiny of the upcoming General Election.

Key Points

  • Implementing key changes outlined in the Elections Act 2022
  • Administering the new voter ID requirements
  • Improving accessibility
  • Boosting levels of voter registration and engaging with under-registered groups
  • Managing absent voting, overseas electors, postal vote handling
  • Managing resources, finances, staff and workflows
  • Recruiting and training staff for polling stations
  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of the electoral register
  • Tackling fraud and intimidation of voters and campaigners 
  • Practical preparations for the General Election and 2024 planned elections