Event Summary

The Children’s Commissioner’s Office (CCO) recent report Lost in transition? The destinations of children who leave the state education system (Feb 2024) highlights how young people are becoming increasingly disengaged with school or leaving the education system altogether to unknown destinations.

Join Westminster Insight’s Children Missing Education Digital Conference to hear directly from the CCO’s Head of Education, Alice Wilcock, on evidence-based recommendations, identifying pupils at-risk of becoming missing in education and the next steps for the sector in tackling this growing issue.

In the wake of new statutory guidance on school attendance, gain insight into tackling children missing out on education (CMOE). Hear from expert speakers from across education, government, policing, and the third sector to embed collaboration, build local partnerships, and deliver a holistic approach to ensuring all children stay engaged with learning.

Understand how multi-agency data sharing can be used across schools and local authorities to identify CME and best optimise targeted support for your most vulnerable students.

Spotlighting disproportionately affected groups including Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller children, looked-after children and refugee child refugees, you will learn how your organisation can provide support by developing targeted interventions for those most at-risk of becoming CME.

We will address the disproportionate number of SEND pupils and their families resorting to elective home education by highlighting key areas for the new labour government to prioritise.

The mental health crisis among young people is only adding to the growing number of persistently absent pupils and those not in school at all. Learn about innovative approaches to supporting young people and families effected by Emotionally Based School Avoidance to encourage pupils back to the classroom.

Learning to adapt to an unfamiliar school system with new expectations, it is often the transition from primary to secondary school where children face new barriers to their education. Gain insight from best-practice schools on how to welcome and successfully transition pupils into Key Stage 3 – how can you create an inclusive learning environment and integrated induction programmes?

Wherever you are in your journey to help Children Missing Education, join this timely event to keep up to date and connect with peers who are working towards enabling all young people, regardless of their background, access to an education.

Key Points

  • Hear evidence-based recommendations from the Children’s Commissioners Office on identifying Children Missing in Education (CME)
  • Learn the benefits of rigorous attendance monitoring for identifying the signs of pupils at-risk of becoming CME
  • Facilitating targeted intervention for disproportionately vulnerable groups
  • Preparing pupils for secondary school and eliminating external barriers to their education
  • Creating a welcoming learning environment where pupils can flourish
  • Tackling the mental health crisis among young people
  • Taking a whole-family approach: supporting the families of children with Emotionally-based School Avoidance
  • Next steps for improving SEND provision across the state education system

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